Use Kansolo Kanban Project Management to organise your Solopreneurship.

At the beach. In the Mountains. In the Woods. Everywhere. Offline.

Kansolo gives your Mac instant offline access to all your project management data.

Kansolo Kanban Board Screenshot

Enjoy your offline. Stay Organized

Kansolo is a simple and powerful Kanban Project Management software to organize and manage your awesome life and projects as a Solopreneur or Startup Founder. Wether you are working on your next unicorn at the beach, in an airplane, offgrid in your beautiful home or on your sailing yacht without a stable internet connection, Kansolo got you covered.
Kansolo stores all project data on your computer and does not need to be online.

Loaded With Features

Group your Boards

In Kansolo, you can group your boards into folders. This way you can have multiple boards per project grouped under a single folder.

Predefined Column Templates

Use predifined Kanban board templates, like classic Kanban with the 5 columns Backlog, Planning, In Progress, Testing and Deployment already named and sorted for you or create an empty board with your own columns.

Unlimited Boards per Folder

You can store as many boards as you have space on your Mac harddrive.

Add your Favorite Boards to Sidebar

Give your favorite boards a heart ♥ and save them, for quick access, to the sidebar.

Move columns

All boards are individually customizable. You can sort your columns horizontally and move them simply by drag-n-drop.

Move cards

Move your cards horizontally from column to column to update their status or move them vertically to order for higher priority.

Add notes and checklists to your cards

Add additional notes, text, links and checklists to your card, to describe the task even more.

Add attachments to your cards

Your task needs additional media like images, pdf documents or other files? Just add them to the card by drag-n-drop from the Finder window.

Flag your cards with colors

Every card can have its own flags in colors. Add a red one for urgency or a green one to indicate the readiness.

Filter your columns

Any column can be filtered individually. Filter for cards having attachments, checklists or notes.

and so much more

  • Search in folders, projects, columns and cards
  • Hello Darkmode my old friend
  • 100% offline.

Stay organized and get Kansolo today!